The Long-Lasting Benefits of Early Learning

Did you know that before a child has turned five years old, up to 90% of their brain development has already taken place? A child’s early experiences can have long-lasting benefits on their ability to learn as well as their mathematics, literacy, social and life skills. The benefits of educating children when they’re young are numerous, and a child that’s been educated this way will be at an advantage when they enter formal schooling. Here’s how exactly this takes place.


Start Them Young

If a child’s early education has not begun to be developed in the first five years, they run the risk of beginning their schooling behind their peers’ learning abilities. Children who haven’t received early childhood education are 50% more likely to end up behind their peers and get classed as ‘developmentally vulnerable’. This is something that can have repercussions that can last up to 16 years of age in the mathematics and literacy learning areas.

On the other hand, early education has amazing benefits. Not only does it better prepare children for formal schooling and all that it entails – it also fosters an ability for them to learn through play. This increases their eagerness to learn more, creating a love of learning which will benefit them in future.


When To Begin

How young is too young to get your child started with an early education? It’s never too early to start teaching your child. Using an approach such as the Steiner’s philosophy, you can create a focus for learning through play that will benefit your children for years to come without making them feel burdened with a formal learning process.

Skills aside, entering formal schooling on an equal footing next to their peers means your children will also experience a confidence boost that can’t be replicated elsewhere. This is something that will carry them through primary school and come in handy in the vulnerable period where they’re in high school.

At Whispering Gully Childcare Centres, we believe in unlocking each child’s learning potential from as young as just 12 months of age. We focus on a holistic centered approach to education, using the Steiner philosophy of education to nurture a love for learning from a young age. Our educational approach is focused on learning through play, and it’s the perfect way to give your child a head start.

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