Children Explore, Create and Discover Through Messy Play

As a parent, you know that where your kids are, a mess will soon follow. Children are naturally active and keeping up with them can leave you feeling like you’re cleaning up everything in their wake. This may seem like a chore, but it’s important to realize that messy play is incredibly beneficial for learning minds and developing brains. At Whispering Gully Childcare Centres our educational focus is learning through play because the benefits are numerous, and it facilitates a love for learning. Here’s how it works.


Learning Through Play

Messy play is undoubtedly fun for young children, but it’s also boosting their sensorimotor skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination at the same time. Whether they’re playing with mud, water or playdough, children learn how different things feel, taste and look. They are also learning how to move their hands and bodies and create words to describe what they are learning. They explore, create meaning, learn problem-solving and risk-taking, make discoveries and learn to negotiate. All of these learned skills are beneficial for developing social skills, numeracy and literacy skills for the future.


Integrating Messy Play

It would benefit your child if you introduced opportunities for them to take part in messy play when they’re at home. Here are some great opportunities for it to take place:

  • During Bathtime – here children can explore the volume of water in different sized containers, touching on mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.
  • During food/meal times – This will engage sensory experiences such as taste, sight, smell and feel as well as the learning of colours, shapes, and sizes in hands and mouths.
  • During outdoor playtime – Your children will experience elements of the weather while interacting with sand, leaves, mud, all the while improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Messy play is highly beneficial at home, and equally so in your child’s educational environment. At Whispering Gully Childcare Centres our teaching methods focus heavily on learning through play and messy play. If you don’t have the chance to facilitate messy play as often as you’d like at home, your child can experience this every day in an environment where they’re safe and constantly being monitored to put your mind at ease.

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