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Play Games with your Kids this summer to boost their brains

May 30, 2019

Research shows that playing games can enhance our personal, social and emotional well-being, as well as our mental acuity. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School in 2017 points out…

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Why do kids lie? and is it Normal?

March 17, 2019

Why do kids lie, and is it normal? “No, I didn’t eat any cake.” from www.shutterstock.com Penny Van Bergen, Macquarie University and Carol Newall, Macquarie University Children typically begin lying…

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Repeating the Same Book Over

January 29, 2019

There’s a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again Possum Magic again, are you for real kid?!from www.shutterstock.com Jane Herbert, University of Wollongong and…

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Using Routines to Help Children Learn

November 7, 2018

Do your children have any regular routines? Regular routines provide children with feelings of security, emotional stability, and control, freeing them to concentrate on everyday tasks like playing, learning and…

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Children Explore, Create and Discover Through Messy Play

November 4, 2018

As a parent, you know that where your kids are, a mess will soon follow. Children are naturally active and keeping up with them can leave you feeling like you’re…

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The Long-Lasting Benefits of Early Learning

November 1, 2018

Did you know that before a child has turned five years old, up to 90% of their brain development has already taken place? A child’s early experiences can have long-lasting…

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