Providing the best early childhood education

At Whispering Gully Childcare Centres we focus on providing the best early childhood education from birth to 6 years. Our centres, located at Robina & Coomera on the Gold Coast and in the regional city of Warwick, focus on utilising the Steiner educational philosophy. This approach uses holistic teaching methods in a way that nurtures the individual personalities of each child.

We apply the Steiner philosophy to our teaching, centring it on creating healthy and age-appropriate learning experiences through play. Learning through play is a wonderful way for young children to learn basic social and life skills. We use art, music, games, dance, and storytelling to improve their language acquisition and vocabulary.

Curriculum Overview

Whispering Gully uses a multifaceted approach to education which means that during the educational process, we also focus on developing each child’s personality, as well as their:


Mental health


Emotional wellbeing


Physical health


Social skills


Spiritual wellbeing

A solid foundation for your children

The educational strategies we use at Whispering Gully provide a solid foundation for your children to progress into formal schooling. We strongly believe that supporting the child to grow & realise their full potential should be tempered with the concept of fully enjoying their childhood.


Benefits of our Curriculum

As our curriculum centres around holistic education with a strong focus on learning through play, the benefits are numerous. Your child can look forward to:

Age appropriate activities

Bodily/kinaesthetic intelligence which promotes movement, exercise and good health

Outdoor play and learning which promotes healthy bodies

Basic life and social skills development

Increased stimulation and expanded cognitive abilities

Education through storytelling which teaches about emotion, sense of will and responsibility toward each other, the earth and nature

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