Our Classrooms

Whispering Gully Programs

Whispering Gully promotes open & clear communication between parents and educators. We utilise the secure Kindyhub app where parents will receive information & photos of their child’s day.

Babies Room

Our nursery room caters for children from birth to 15mths, providing the highest quality care in a nurturing environment, designed with the parent & child in mind. Whilst in our care, children are stimulated with engaging activities as they learn through exploration and play. Educators follow each child’s individual needs and routines, that as much as possible, reflect the home routine. 

Toddler’s Room

This program focuses on everyday practical activities that teach life skills such as gardening and cooking. The program is flexible and caters to the needs of the individual child. Benefits include improved communication skills and an increased vocabulary.

Pre-Kindy Room

The focus in this group is building on previous skills leading towards improving the child’s ability to deal in a more structured manner. Here the children learn through play as they are beginning to prepare for the transition to our pre-school programs where they will be introduced to numbers, language, size, height and colour.

Preschool Room

In our pre-school room the curriculum content is taken from the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that the children are ready to begin their primary schooling. This age group is introduced to reading, writing and numeracy skills, along with emotional and developmental awareness. Benefits include:

  • Literacy, science and numeracy skills
  • Enhanced creativity and life skills
  • Increased confidence and communication skills
  • Improved concentration, motor skills and respect for the environment.